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2017 Alpaca Stud Service Auction

Get ready for some fun, there are 34 studs nominated to the 2017 CNASF Stud Auction, starting November 1st you can bid on any of these outstanding males, bid high, bid often.

To be part of the action you must create a username and password, once you are approved an email will be sent to you, then you can start your bidding.

The stud auction runs for the month of November, have fun and support your industry, monies raised by the stud auction go directly to the Futurity payouts.

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Proceeds of the auction will go towards prize money for the Canadian National Alpaca Futurity (Red Deer, AB - April 13-14, 2018).

Payment is required at the close of bidding. If you are a winning bidder and did not receive an email confirming your purchase, please send an email to us. Cheques should be mailed to:

c/o Kelly Brewster
Box 335

CNASF does not endorse or guarantee any of the Stud Services offered herein. Once the purchaser has received conformation of their purchase of a Stud Service, CNASF is absolved of any responsibility in the breeding. All further arrangements must be between the buyer and the donor of the service.

NOTE: These Stud services are for the 2018 breeding season and are only available to female alpacas that are resident in Canada.

Bids started at $500, however a minimum final bid of $750 must be made in order for the stud to be subscribed to the futurity. If the minimum final bid of $750 is not reached the stud owner is not required to supply a breeding for that price and no payment will be made by the bidder to the CNASF.

Also, if the minimum bid is not received, the Stud owner can make the minimum bid themselves in order to subscribe their stud.

All offspring of subscribed Studs that will be between 6 months and 36 months of age (i.e.offspring born between April 15, 2015 and Oct 12, 2017) are eligible for the futurity.

** All cria resulting from the breedings purchased in the auction are eligible for the futurity as juveniles even if the studs are not nominated the following year.

Subscribed Stud owners will receive one complimentary display stall at the Futurity.